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Online Stud Book


The online studbook is available to members of the MFHA and others, from all countries, who are involved in the breeding of stud book foxhounds. Apply to the MFHA for access with this form.

Hunt Staff Benefit Society

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The Hunt Staff Benefit Society (HSBS) provides personal pension schemes specifically for hunt staff. Find out more about how to join the HSBS, or how to support the HSBS through various Fund Raising intiatives.

Fundraising and events

HSBS Fund Raising

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Hunt Staff Benefit Society Little Hunting Handbook

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Hunt Staff Benefit Society Little Hunting Handbook

"Everything you wanted to know about Hunting but never dared ask"

Many new people are hunting today.  They may not have been brought up in a hunting country and it may sound strange for them to hear a person say 'Goodnight' at 9am after a morning of Autumn Hunting.  They may wonder why the Master gets so upset when they gallop over a lovely green field that is not actually grass.  Or why it is important to thank that scruffy person holding the gate - because he might just turn out to be your host!

Each Hunt may vary slightly but the manners and dress of hunting have evolved over the centuries to be practical and are based on a great deal of common sense.  Hunting is about having fun and at the same time respecting the privilege of being allowed to cross our green and pleasant land.

 The Little Hunting Handbook has been produced to raise funds for the Hunt Staff Benefit Society.  There are photographs on every spread, all kindly donated by some of the best photographers in the hunting world.  The foreword is by Jeremy Irons and it is intended to be full of helpful information and to be entertaining at the same time. Please click here to access the order form.  For further details ring Lizzie Dyer on 01285 653001.


Hunt Staff Benefit Society Little Book of Hunting Songs and Christmas Carols

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The Little Book of Hunting Songs and Chrismas Carols has been produced to raise funds for the Hunt Staff Benefit Society, following the success of the Little Hunting Handbook.

Each song together with its music, is illustrated with a painting by a well-known Sporting Artist.  We are extremely grateful to have been granted permission to use these images.  It is also full of interesting information about the songs, which you may or may not have heard before.

The Foreword is by Johnny Scott, a countryman with a great depth of knowledge out our country traditions.  It is a small hardback book with a loose leaf cover. 

The ideal present for Christmas.  Click here to download the Order Form.  For further details ring Lizzie Dyer on 01285 653001.



Susan and Sambo

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SAMBO AND SUSAN and other Tales
By Katharine Harrison-Wallace
The 1930s is back!
Capturing a host of country characters - amorous horses, fox and huntsman and a disobedient salmon - SAMBO AND SUSAN and other tales is a collecton of charming, illustrated cautionary stories from the bright and talented imagination of 12 year old KatHarine Harrison-Wallace in 1938.
A joy to adults and children alike, with a foreword from her distinguished Godfather, the Duke of Atholll, young Katharine's tales developed something of a cult following when first published.  Today first editions are scarce and fetch prices that the 12 year old Katharine would not have believed possible.
Now republished as a limited edition hardback, this faithful reproduction has given Katharine's delightful book a new lease of life.  Proceeds from the book's sale will go to the Hunt Staff Benefit Society (HSBS) - a registered Friendly Society overseen by its patron HRH The Prince of Wales, and benefitting the staff without whom hunting could not exist.
As a stalwart of the hunting world, hunting up to three days a week in adulthood, Katharine would have approved.
To purchase your copy, please complete the order form or visit to buy online.

Hunting Memories

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Hunting Memories has produced some wonderful hunting figurines which can be hand painted to your own specifications and include foxes, hares and otter.

10% of every sale for their figurines, and also their maps, is donated to the Hunt Servants' Fund - so do look at their website -