MFHA - (Masters of Foxhounds Association)

Online Stud Book


The online studbook is available to members of the MFHA and others, from all countries, who are involved in the breeding of stud book foxhounds. Apply to the MFHA for access with this form.

Hunt Staff Benefit Society

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The Hunt Staff Benefit Society (HSBS) provides personal pension schemes specifically for hunt staff. Find out more about how to join the HSBS, or how to support the HSBS through various Fund Raising initiatives.

Codes of Practice

Code of Good Hunting

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A Code of Good Hunting on Behalf of: 

  • The Masters of Foxhounds Association
  • The Masters of Minkhounds Association
  • The Masters of Deerhounds Association
  • Association of Masters of Harriers and Beagles
  • Central Committee of Fell Packs
  • Federation of Welsh Packs
  • Association of Lurcher Clubs
  • National Coursing Club
  • Whippet, Saluki and Deerhound Coursing Association

The code is written for everyone who goes hunting, be they Masters, huntsmen, officials of long standing or newcomers to hunting. It should be read regularly. Since February 18th 2005 hunting has been regulated by the Hunting Act 2004. Some parts of this code are super-ceded by that legislation.