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The online studbook is available to members of the MFHA and others, from all countries, who are involved in the breeding of stud book foxhounds. Apply to the MFHA for access with this form.

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The Hunt Staff Benefit Society (HSBS) provides personal pension schemes specifically for hunt staff. Find out more about how to join the HSBS, or how to support the HSBS through various Fund Raising initiatives.

About the MFHA

Point to point racing

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jockey boardsPoint-to-Point racing is steeple chasing for amateurs riding horses which hunt. It is regulated at national level by the British Horse Racing Authority (BHA) with delegated powers to the Point to Point Board, of which the MFHA is a Member.  Meetings are run at local level by a Hunt or a recognised club, under the jurisdiction of the Point-to-Point Owners and Riders Association and the Point-to-Point Secretary's Association. The vast majority of  race meetings are run by our member Hunts.

The sport of Point-to-Point racing dates back to 1836 when hunting men used to race their horses from church steeple to church steeple - hence the name 'point-to-point'. The strong link between these two country sports still exists over 250 years on. All of the horses that race in a point-to-point have to be qualified out hunting and all of the jockeys have to be a member or subscriber of a Hunt.

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Team Chasing

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jockey boardsTeam chasing is an equestrian sport, contested between teams of four riders over a cross-country course of about two miles, with about 25 fences to be jumped. The teams set off at intervals and race against the clock, the time of the third member of each team being taken as the time of the team.

The MFHA is the governing body of team chasing and most events are run by hunts. The full team chase calendar, event details and entry forms, results and Material Change National Championship information can be found on the team chasing website which also contains the MFHA rules and regulations and articles written by current and past competitors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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houndsHow can I buy a foxhound from a Hunt?

Foxhounds from MFHA packs do not make good pets. They have been bred, for generations, to hunt and are pack animals.  Hounds can be drafted from one pack to another, but no money changes hands.  
How many hounds are in a pack?

Hounds are counted in couples. The number of hounds in a pack varies from about 20 - 30 couple. Not all hounds from a pack will hunt on any one day.
What is puppy walking?

Once hound puppies are weaned they 'go out to walk' either on their own, or with another puppy, to a local farm within the hunt country.  Whilst at walk hounds will learn their name, learn about life, people, chickens, the postman and everything an ordinary puppy learns in the first months of life.  The huntsman will visit regularly.  When the hound is about six months old it returns to kennels and is introduced back into the pack.

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Code of Good Hunting

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A Code of Good Hunting on Behalf of: 

  • The Masters of Foxhounds Association
  • The Masters of Minkhounds Association
  • The Masters of Deerhounds Association
  • Association of Masters of Harriers and Beagles
  • Central Committee of Fell Packs
  • Federation of Welsh Packs
  • Association of Lurcher Clubs
  • National Coursing Club
  • Whippet, Saluki and Deerhound Coursing Association

The code is written for everyone who goes hunting, be they Masters, huntsmen, officials of long standing or newcomers to hunting. It should be read regularly. Since February 18th 2005 hunting has been regulated by the Hunting Act 2004. Some parts of this code are super-ceded by that legislation.

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red coatThe Masters of Foxhounds Association (MFHA) is the governing body of foxhunting and represents 176 packs of foxhounds that hunt in England and Wales and a further 10 in Scotland.

The MFHA has strict rules and codes of conduct that have been written to promote standards of best practice in kennels and the field, and to show the accountability of member packs. All Masters of foxhounds packs are members of the MFHA and have to agree to abide by the Association's rules, codes of conduct and instructions. There are considerable sanctions available to the MFHA which include disqualification of any member hunt or individual.

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